Blackheath Village

located in the heart of Surrey's beautiful heathland

Enhancement plan

The Blackheath Village Enhancement Plan (plus appendices) was prepared by Countryside Ranger Sarah Henderson following consultation with a small group of residents in 2009. The aim of the Plan was to identify and carry out improvement works to some of the common areas in and around the village, and to set guidelines for the management of those common areas in the future. The proposed works are set out in a schedule to the Plan.

Please send any comments you may have on any aspect of the Plan to the current Countryside Ranger David Olliver at

Blackheath Village Enhancement Plan
Schedule of proposed works
Appendix I - Blackheath Village Enhancement Project Area
Appendix II - Bye-laws
Appendix III - Conservation Area and Areas of High Archaeological Potential
Appendix IV - Blackheath SSSI
Appendix V - Activities likely to damage SSSI
Appendix VI - Guidelines for Access Tracks on Common Land
Appendix VII - Guidelines for Signs on Common Land

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